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Origins: London, England

Genres: Skiffle, Pop, Contemporary Christian, Rock & Roll, Pop Rock

Years Active: 1958 - Present

Cliff Richard, the British Elvis Presley as he is known as, is one of the most famous pop singers and has sold a whopping 250 million records in his career. He has the third highest number of #1 hit in the UK and was conferred knighthood for his services to the music industry. Also, he is the first pop star from the West to have toured Russia for performances. Today, he is seen as a god-like figure of rock and roll, especially in the UK and enjoys unprecedented popularity. He is one of the very few artists whose career and life is not dotted with any sort of controversies, be it alcoholism, drug abuse or relationships. He maintains an extremely clean image and is quite proud of it. In an interview he once said, “I've always maintained I'm the most radical rock 'n' roll singer Britain has ever seen. I was the only one who didn't spit or swear or sleep around. I didn't do drugs. I didn't get drunk. I didn't indulge in soulless sex.” Truly, there are no controversies or rumors surrounding his life. He has always been candid about his relationships and has vowed to remain a life-long bachelor.