Saturday, 30th of May 2015
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Your plans begin to fall in place today as you gather more information about your partner's vision of the future. However, you need more time to find common ground since you still have important details to work out. Unfortunately, you can't apply everything you discover now, so store what you learn for later when you can use it. Don't act prematurely; listen, observe, and deepen your perspective as much as possible while reevaluating the relationship dynamics. No hurry; no worry.


You might have big expenses on the horizon that require you to spend more than you planned. Naturally, you Bulls like to feel secure about your monetary situation but lingering concerns may be plaguing you now. The incisive Scorpio Moon's shift into your 7th House of Others brings someone into your life who can help you make wise financial decisions. Starting the process of analysis is prudent, especially if you're nervous about the long-term picture. Your first order of business is taking a knowledgeable ally's advice to heart.


You are at a fork in the road and may feel pressured by someone to choose one path or the other. However, this urgency is a bit of an illusion now, so continue incorporating new data and reconsidering your strategy for a while longer. However, be certain your words convey exactly what you mean since you could come across as a know-it-all rather than as a thoughtful person. You will make the best impression on others if you keep your feelings to yourself until you're more certain about your plans. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise: you are truly the master of your own destiny.


One cycle in your life is coming to a close and another is about to begin. However, you can't start your next adventure until you tie up the loose ends from the previous one. Review your recent experiences so you can decide what you want to carry with you into the future. You have an opportunity to express what's in your heart today; however, reflect on your long-term goals before you say anything because your words set your intentions for what's to come. Speaking your truth is essential for the manifestation of your dreams.


Your confident nature usually empowers you to navigate your way through the most trying situations. It's not that you have all the answers; you just have a knack of turning mountains into mole hills once you state your intentions. However, you may want assistance now that interactive Mercury aligns with the Sun in your 11th House of Networking. Unfortunately, your tendency to roar rather than whimper misleads people into thinking you're doing fine on your own. Admitting your limitations is the first step to success. Your best friends will happily ride to your rescue if you simply set your pride aside and ask them.


You have a plethora of possibilities to ponder now that the Sun and Mercury are in cahoots traveling through your 10th House of Public Life. But don't get tricked into thinking you must map out your entire future today, since you're likely to change your mind more than once. Instead of stressing out about your ambivalence, luxuriate in the additional time at your disposal to search for answers. Current delays are actually a blessing in disguise since they give you the necessary breathing room to explore all the alternatives you previously never imagined.


Money matters are on your mind today as the provocative Scorpio Moon slips into your 2nd House of Personal Resources. Perhaps someone owes you money or maybe you need to discuss the details of a financial arrangement with an expert you trust. Either way, you can solidify your future by thoroughly reviewing your current economic picture and making much-needed minor modifications. Knowing exactly what's happening in the present moment enables you to tweak your plans for the best results.


Although you might not typically wear your emotions on your sleeve, your feelings are transparent to anyone who takes a second look today. Unfortunately, you're not currently in the mood to involve others in your emotional process, prompting you to deny that anything is wrong. But just because you're fully capable of handling your problems by yourself, it doesn't mean you should. Ultimately, opening your heart is a lot easier than pretending that you're fine if you're not. Sharing your truth reduces your angst and improves the overall interpersonal dynamics.


Your life would be much simpler now if everyone around you would stop changing their minds. It seems as if others are telling you what they want one minute, and then saying something completely different the next. However, they would probably remain consistent if they actually knew what they wanted today. Luckily, you don't let fickle people get under your skin. Circumstances are in flux, so don't rely on anyone else for your answers; instead, striving to be your best self inspires those around you to do the same.


Your schedule has been unusually erratic with mischievous Mercury backtracking in your 6th House of Routine. You may be wondering when your daily life will calm down and return to normal. It's not that you can't handle whatever surprises come your way, but even you even-keeled Goats can grow irritated if people shirk their duties today. Avoid assuming responsibilities that aren't yours; let others take care of their personal problems without your unnecessary interference. Don't waste time trying to change things you can't control when you have your own life to lead.


You may have plenty of projects in process now and even a few new prospects on the horizon. But you can't say yes to every intriguing opportunity that knocks on your door today as clever Mercury, ardent Mars and the brilliant Sun cluster in your 5th House of Creativity. Fortunately, you can make substantial progress if you tap into the cosmic energy without being pulled every which way. Don't buy into someone else's agenda; for now, remain open-minded without making any promises you can't keep.


Sorting out the most practical thoughts from all the noise is tricky while chatty Mercury connects with the Sun. It's even more complicated today because everyone seems to have something contrary to say. Nevertheless, you can still glean good advice if you carefully filter the opinions from the facts. Thankfully, you'll gain clarity over the days ahead, enabling you to have a better handle on what people want. For now, continue to evaluate the pros and cons of each alternative idea. Although this is a turning point in your planning process, there are still a few revisions yet to follow. Remaining flexible is your ticket to success.