Sunday, 25th of January 2015
How Would this day be for you ?


There's no holding you back today; your enthusiasm feeds on itself and takes you along for the ride. However, your positive attitude sets you up for disappointment if you think you can accomplish more than is humanly possible. The spontaneous Aries Moon prompts impulsive behavior and you might as well go with it now. Even if you don't reach your destination right away, there is always tomorrow. You can all but ensure your long-term success by persistently working toward your goal.


You may be lost in an unrealistic fantasy today as the Moon activates your 12th House of Fantasy, triggering dreams about your future. Unfortunately, your mental meanderings aren't likely grounded in your life experiences. Still, it's not helpful to be too self-critical as you willingly loosen the reins on reality. Having a practical plan in place isn't as crucial now as stretching your creativity. Innovative thinking leads to new opportunities, so explore every possibility before choosing your direction.


You could grow tired of being responsible, so you're poised to let go of practical restraints today in order to go along with someone else's plan. Stepping away from a leadership position means you don't have to worry about the outcome. You're willing to give nearly anyone the benefit of the doubt now because you can see the potential good wherever you look. Fortunately, you don't have to produce concrete results, so just enjoy your little escape and see where others take you.


You are willing to participate in activities with friends and relatives today because you believe they will accept you without asking too many questions. You don't want to explain everything you do and are happy that you can keep your thoughts to yourself for now. Ironically, you may become more comfortable sharing an original idea once others acknowledge your need for privacy. But you could regret saying more than you intended so don't lower your guard completely. Luckily, you still can reach your goals without revealing your vulnerability.


If you are pushing forward without a solid strategy in place, you might soon realize that you need more than just a great idea. Your electric thoughts are lighting up your imagination, but you wont be able to make practical use of your brilliance unless you filter out the excess noise. You can't pursue every whim that pops into your head. A touch of self-restraint will ultimately enable you to get your life back under control. Saying yes to a new possibility is empowering but applying the brakes on the adrenaline rush might be your ticket to success.


You might encounter obstacles today as you attempt to turn your plans into decisive action. Your self-confidence may waver now that intellectual Mercury is backpedaling in your 6th House of Details. But you aren't willing to give up as you create one ingenious idea after another. Unfortunately, clever thinking doesn't necessarily lead to success. Instead of wasting your energy chasing illusions, your wisest move now is to say no when it's in your best interest.


You believe you're communicating clearly today, but others may not understand your message. They could even become increasingly confused the more you talk if you gloss over important details without even realizing it. Mercury's retrograde in your 5th House of Self-Expression means you're inclined to speak without listening, and your expectations could be out of sync with the current circumstances. Instead of telling people what you want today, ask them what they need. Everyone is happier when there is a fair share of give and take.


It might feel as if unforeseen situations at work are running the show now. Luckily, your confidence isn't suffering because interesting people continue to show up with uplifting ideas and promises of fun. Nevertheless, you're quickly tiring of what seems to be more talk than action. Ultimately, the power of your positive thinking will prevail, even if progress takes a while to manifest. Patience is your friend.


Although your current plans start out inspirational, they can become a weight you must bear if you inflate an idea so big now that it's becomes impossible to manage. Instead of confidently assuming you can do anything today, scale back your expectations and hit an easy target, rather than aiming so high you fall short. However, don't let negativity rule your choices. Making practicality your guiding principle fixes problems before they happen.


You may be worrying obsessively about an unfinished project that continues to elude completion. Your dissatisfaction with the delay could escalate into anxiety as lingering tasks prevent you from obtaining full closure now. Instead of pretending that everything is fine and your work is all done, remain open to modifying your deadlines as needed. Setting realistic goals will help to settle your nerves and bring temporary relief from the stress.


Your mind is working on overdrive sifting through all the facts now, but reality supplies them to you faster than you can process them. You're so wired that your excitement prompts you to jump to conclusions today; however, even your finest logic may be based on an erroneous assumption if you're not careful. Take your time and do things right. Instead of setting yourself up for failure by creating panic-inducing deadlines, establish thoughtful guidelines that can keep you on track.


If you recently made a commitment to a friend or relative, you might have to reconsider your promise today. But this isn't about avoiding responsibility; in fact, demonstrating your integrity by addressing your concerns now instead of waiting until it's too late is the right thing to do. There is plenty of room for improvement, especially if you face a minor setback. Nevertheless, there's no need to focus on failure; just clarify your intentions and move forward with an open heart.