Monday, 30th of March 2015
How Would this day be for you ?


Although you have been on a rocket ship ride with several planets blasting through your impetuous sign, you may be growing weary as energetic Mars prepares to leave the land of Aries tomorrow. You are envisioning an escape route just in case you need it. You could be feeling skittish if you feel cornered, but overreacting won't likely produce a positive result. Succumbing to your worries about the future only alerts others to your anxiety. For now, it's smarter to relax and listen to your heart than dream about being somewhere else.


Your unwavering determination is your greatest strength as you continue to express your love today, even in the face of an emotionally confusing situation. Lovely Venus is at her best while in your sign, even when attempting to harmonize with intense Pluto. However, this cosmic combo demands that you concentrate on the underlying feelings rather than being distracted by the surface noise. Aim deep and you won't be led off track by unimportant issues or temporary fears. You are solid now as long as you remain on course and put honesty above all else.


You are able to cleverly maintain your balance today while you are lured into unknown emotional territory. However, you may have to push past your own resistance and share your feelings, even if you're uncertain about how someone else will react to your disclosure. Thankfully, the conversation is likely to go much better than you expect now as long as you don't freeze once you start talking. But it's a two-way street; you might learn something new if you are truly willing to listen with both an open mind and an open heart.


You might sink into a deep and dark mood today as you attempt to reveal your secrets to a trusted ally. But your sense of urgency may be unfounded, provoking frustration or anger if your confidante isn't willing to match the intensity of your emotions. Nothing is to be gained by trying to change anyone else; focus on your own inner process, instead. Ironically, taking full responsibility for your feelings allows your dissatisfaction to transform into an appreciation of the love in your life.


You could grow annoyed with people being so nice to you now because their support of your life plan just doesn't feel real. You might even see their propitiating behavior as a sign of weakness. However, it isn't wise to harden your position on an ill-conceived strategy. Thankfully, you have a chance to realize that you can be strong and yielding at the same time. Recognizing the wisdom of flexibility with respect to your desires empowers you to navigate through a very intense day with flying colors.


You think you can narrow your focus and limit your distractions in order to concentrate on what you need to do today. Unfortunately, this strategy is doomed from the start and grows more difficult to manage because your emotions are stirred, inspiring you to set your heart on some distant destination. It doesn't matter if you're incredibly smart or if you have all the right data now; it's just plain foolhardy to ignore your feelings. Having more facts at your disposal won't help since you already know in your gut what you must do.


You may be feeling quite confident about your current plans now, but something is still gnawing away in the dark at the back of your mind. You might be limited in your options today, especially if you're obsessing about a relationship from the past. But trying to escape from your personal history is futile; dig into it with passionate curiosity, instead. Once you can find your way around in the shadows of your subconscious, you'll be better able to navigate in the light of reality. Trust your heart to lead you in the right direction.


Your unexpressed anger can cool into ice and morph into resentment, which is exponentially more difficult to process. Fortunately, vulnerable Venus trines your key planet Pluto today, exacerbating your emotions and preventing them from going quiet. Letting go and acting on your intuition is easy if you can relinquish your fears first. Following your instincts now is your best insurance against fostering negativity. A grateful mind is a powerful mind.


Your sense of self-worth and net worth are inextricably intertwined today, even if they usually seem like separate issues. Today's passionate Venus-Pluto trine impacts your 2nd House of Resources, empowering you to ride an intense emotional wave of energy. You might want to consider cashing in on your newfound confidence and asking for a raise or a promotion. Naturally, the dynamics at work need to support your request, but in any case your contribution and your courage won't go unnoticed.


You are still enjoying the sweet benefits of lovely Venus skipping through your 5th House of Spontaneity. Your involvement in a significant creative project or a new romance may be intensifying, and you're tempted to go overboard as you try to give the performance of your life. This can be quite a memorable day as long as you don't struggle to accomplish the impossible. It's better to thoroughly explore one feeling today than to pursue several different options.


It's refreshing to feel so creative today and exciting to believe that things could get even better during the next few days. However, your happy-go-lucky attitude may be quite deceptive now. You might skillfully disarm someone's aggression, yet you're still ready for serious business in a moment's notice. Use your keen ability to shift back and forth between the light-hearted and heavy-handed extremes, so you can make the most of every moment. Your charm and tenacity are an unbeatable combination.


You may be afraid that the negativity of someone at work might grow into more of a problem during the days ahead. Although nipping a worrisome situation in the bud sounds like an intelligent plan, it's not always the smartest strategy to suppress the natural expression of uncomfortable emotions like fear and anger. If you really want to preempt potential trouble, ask thoughtful questions and be an active listener as well. Sometimes, all a person needs is to be heard.